LIFETIME Guarantee 

Pavers are by far our most favorite surface to build. The amount of styles, colors and advancements in these products are absolutely incredible. Please visit to experience everything pavers have to offer!


-     Unilock Pavers carry a lifetime guarantee that is transferable. Unilock (if defective) will pay for the replacement of their products!

Myths About Pavers

"Pavers are too costly."     The cost to install pavers are similar in cost to stamped concrete (when professionally installed). Compared to composite decking the cost can be 1/2 !!!

"Pavers don't work in Freeze-Thaw conditions."     On the contrary, pavers are IDEAL for these conditions. Concrete cracks because it has the least amount of flexibility and asphalt as well. Pavers are the most flexible system there is and this does NOT mean settling occurs. 

"Concrete Pavers won't last."     Unlike natural stone and stamped concrete each paver carry's a lifetime guarantee. Our professional company has a lifetime guarantee on installations! 

"Concrete Pavers Fade."     NOT ANY MORE. Now with Unilock technological advancements of EnduarColor & EnduraColor Plus fading is a thing of the past. Also all other pavers have advancements with mixtures that tremendously decreases fading.

"Pavers will become uneven."     With a professional installation this does not occur whig is why we offer a lifetime guarantee. 

"Pavers complicate snow removal."     Pavers can be cleared of snow with a regular plow as the surface will be even. Most pavers have salt tolerances that make them hold up better than concrete. The heat from the earth can move through the joints which helps melt ice and snow faster. 

"Pavers allow weeds between spaces."     Polymeric sand and joint-stabilizing sealers make weeds a thing of the past.